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Strength training for performing artists.

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Trusted by thousands of dancers and artistic athletes to feel confident, strong, safe, and knowledgeable on and off the stage!

Elite, no nonsense

strength training program

No matter goals and schedule, our app has a 3-5 day/week program that's customized with modifications to the phase that you're in.

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Two programs for the price of one

Not only do you get a full in-gym training program (barbell required), but you also get at-home programming. No matter where you train, you can be the strongest self.

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A strength program by dancers, for dancers!

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Uniquely written workouts designed to strengthen stage-specific skills like leaps, turns, extension, agility, stamina, balance... and more!

Full movement demos and explanations

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You’ll never have to guess about how to perform movements since demonstrate every single one, include written explanations, and provide a video about each block's focus.


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Who Are Body Mechanics?

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We cater to serving multi-passionate performers. Whether you're in-training, pre-professional, professional, an art educator, retired, or even recreational artist you are welcomed and celebrated within our community.

As working and retired performers ourselves, our team understands the uniques stresses, pressures, and crazy lifestyles that come with the artist's life.

Which is why we developed this program specifically to work on stage skills and be modifiable in intensity, scheduling, and gym availability.


Dancers... Actors... Gymnasts... Contortionists... Aerialists... Vocal athletes... Ice Skaters... and beyond!

If you've found us here, chances are we can help you reach your athletic, aesthetic, and performance based goals.

You might be asking yourself, "But I'm a competitive under-water basket weaver, can they really help ME?"

Well... if your goals include moving faster, improved flexibility, enhanced balance, and unshakable confidence then YES we can help you.


Maybe you were a performer when you were younger... maybe you're a lover of the arts... maybe you're a rockstar at karaoke...

At the end of the day we want cool, like-minded humans connecting and supporting each other all across the globe.

In a world that's designed to separate and isolate people, we want to establish a community of hardworking, kind, and inclusive folks all with a simple core belief in the domino effect.

When you're empowered, you'll empower others. Then they'll empower others. And so on. And that's how we'll (sneakily) change the world.

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What's Included

Members have access to our private in-app thread as well as DM access to a real personal trainer.Ask questions, interact with other members and share your success stories.

3 main workouts per week, plus 2 auxiliary workouts, warm-ups and cardio to give you everything you need to achieve amazing results.

Options for gym AND home equipment.

Each phase you'll receive detailed instructions to enable you to follow the workouts with ease. Gym and home options available.

Plus, there's an ever expanding expertise library you can access any time or simply DM your coach for personalized instruction or support.




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Kind Words From Our Clients

"DWL is the best thing to happen to me this year. They are the most knowledgeable coaches imagineable and create programming that is SO useful in dance (my extensions and balances have never been better!) "

- Brooke C.

"I feel SO strong and my confidence is shining!! This program has helped so much with my confidence in the gym. I feel better about my body just knowing it's HEALTHY."

- Rachel L.

"This program feels like a community and it's led with humor and authenticity that is so refreshing, I can't recommend it enough! I see/ feel a huge difference in my body and confidence."

- Allison F.

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Our Mission

Feeling drained by intense workout routines that just don't seem to make a difference? We hear you.

That's why we've put our heart and soul into crafting a superior yet budget-friendly training program that pinpoints and tackles the unique challenges you encounter as performers.

Here at Dancers Who Lift, we're not just about enhancing your dance prowess. We're driven by a vision to arm you with a comprehensive understanding of fitness, while emphasizing your holistic health and sustainability in this demanding field.

We're all too familiar with the disappointment of so-called "strength training" programs that fall short of promises.

And we're here to change that narrative.

Imagine feeling the confidence and power as you grip the barbell, understanding the science of true strength training, and witnessing firsthand the transformative effects on your performance.

That's what we're inviting you to experience at Dancers Who Lift. Together, let's redefine strength and performance for dancers like you.

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What to Expect

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Cooking Book with Recipes

Our 6 Week "Strength For Skills" Method, followed by 3-week conditioning and stamina blasts, is designed to enhance your performance and skill level.

You'll have access to a supportive community, where you can connect with fellow dancers who share similar goals and challenges.

Whether you prefer working out at the gym or in the comfort of your own home, we offer options that cater to your needs.

Our team of experienced trainers is always on standby to answer your questions and provide support throughout your journey.

Additionally, you'll receive monthly nutrition guides to complement your training efforts.


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Founder & Chief Rizz Officer, Amber Tacy



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